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What is the rental price for Wiggy Ranch?
The rental fee is $5,000 and a $1,000 refundable deposit.

What does the rental fee include?
The rental fee includes water, electricity, and a proctor for the day of the event. Everything for your event must be rented and brought to the ranch.

Do we need event insurance?
Yes. An event insurance policy is required by us in the amount of $1,000,000 to cover the ranch in case of an accident or injury to anyone on the ranch.

Are there any other charges we should know about?
The ranch has an electrician on staff and he is here to consult with your vendors and he will also help your lighting and audio crew. His fee is not included in the rental fee and is usually a flat rate of $400 for 6 hours or $300 for 4 hours. He is also available for lighting design consultation.
We do offer a clean up crew after an event for an additional charge of $800.
The ranch manager is available for day-of-event coordination for an additional $1000.

Are there bathrooms on the ranch?
No. Bathrooms must be rented.

Are there accommodations on the ranch for the bride and groom?
No. There are no accommodations for the bride and groom. We do not have any overnight facilities or an area for the bride to get ready.

Why is the ranch rented from Friday to Monday if there are no accommodations on the ranch?
The ranch is rented for the entire weekend, load in may start on Friday and load out is on Monday. We like to give ample time for lighting design and set up of tents and such.

Can guests camp on the ranch?
No. Guests may not camp on the ranch.

Where is the closest hotel?
The city of Carpinteria is closest to the ranch. It is about 6 miles or 10 minutes to the nearest hotel.

How far is the ranch from Ojai?
The ranch is about 20 minutes from Ojai.

How far is the ranch from the 101 freeway in Carpinteria?
We are about 4 miles up highway 150 from the freeway on the left.

May we stop by to look at the ranch or should we make an appointment?
The ranch is private property and may only be visited by appointment.

What is the maximum capacity of the ranch?
The ranch can accommodate about 300-350 guests. Parking is limited so a guest count over 200 people may require some guests to be shuttled in.

Do you have any exclusive vendors?
Yes. Blue Star Parking is our exclusive parking and shuttle company. They are very familiar with the ranch and the ranch logistics. However, we encourage you to bring in any other vendors you like. We do reserve the right to decline some vendors.

Do you have any requirements?
Yes you must have valet and shuttles.

Why do we need to have shuttles?
The main wedding reception site is about a 1/2 mile up a steep and winding dirt road.

What time does the music have to be turned off?
There is no music curfew, as long as the music does not disturb surrounding neighbors.

What time does the party have to end?
2 AM. There is no party curfew before that, as long as the party does not disturb surrounding neighbors and everyone is being safe. We reserve the right to shut the party down in extreme cases of negligence and dangerous behavior.

Does Wiggy Ranch have an off-season?
Yes. Wiggy Ranch is an outdoor venue and events maybe held here from April-October. Some events maybe held in the off-season with the understanding that there may be inclement weather.

What happens if it rains?
The area maybe tented or you may chose to postpone the wedding to another open date of your choice.

Do we need to rent a dance floor?
No. There is a flagstone patio that is suitable for dancing. If you would like a wood dance floor it must be placed over the flagstone or elevated above the grass.

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